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Shareholders Elizabeth Brickfield, Doreen Spears Hartwell and Erin Flynn were named to the 50 Hours Club, for their donation of over 50 hours of service. Shareholders Rodney Jean, Elizabeth Brickfield, Doreen Spears Hartwell, Jennifer Roberts and Christopher Mathews, joined by associate Ryan Andersen, were listed on the 2012 Honor Roll for each having taken at least one pro bono case. Ten attorneys were recognized for providing pro bono clinic assistance to unrepresented individuals through the Ask-a-Lawyer programs, This group included shareholder Maximiliano Couvillier and associates Lucas Tucker, Kevin Hejmanowski, Mohamed Iqbal, Mark Gardberg, Marla DaVee, Steven Anderson, Ryan Andersen, Var Lordahl and new associate Kendal Davis, who recently joined the Firm.

The Legal Aid Center also acknowledged the strong contribution to their important work by shareholders Senator Richard Bryan and Maximiliano Couvillier, who serve as Counsel to the Legal Aid Center Board of Directors and Richard Morgan, Of Counsel to the Firm, also a member of the Board of Directors. Doreen Spears Hartwell serves on the Centers Pro Bono Advisory Council.