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Lionel Sawyer & Collins provides a generous and competitive benefits package. The information below is a summary and not an exhaustive account of the Firm’s benefits package.


Medical Insurance
We offer our employees a national medical plan through Beech Street. This plan provides employees and dependents more than 400,000 individual doctors, over 52,000 facility locations and more than 3,800 acute care hospitals.  To best meet the health care needs of our employees and their dependents, this plan provides the flexibility of choosing between in-network and out-of-network health care providers. The Firm pays 100% of the medical insurance premium for our employees and 50% of dependent premiums.  Lionel Sawyer & Collins employees are eligible for medical insurance benefits upon their first day of hire.

Dental Insurance
We offer dental insurance through Ameritas, the recognized leader in the voluntary dental market.  Employees can choose between a $1,000 and $2,000 annual benefit maximum.  This Plan provides employees and their dependents the flexibility of being treated by in-network or out-of-network dentists. 

Vision Insurance
Our vision plan is through VSP, the nation’s largest provider of exceptional eye care coverage.  The plan provides coverage for routine exams, and discounts on frames and lenses.  

Long Term Disability Insurance
The Firm provides full-time employees long-term disability insurance.  After meeting the elimination period, the plan provides a monthly benefit of 60% of an employee’s earnings, up to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000. The premiums are fully paid by the Firm.

Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Lionel Sawyer & Collins employees automatically receive Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance
We offer a voluntary long term care benefit.  Employees may elect coverage for support of daily living activities.  Long term care can be provided at home, in the community, in assisted living facilities and in nursing homes.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees may elect to set aside pre-tax dollars for certain dependent day care expenses.  Day care expenses must be submitted for reimbursement through the plan.  Employees may also set-aside pretax dollars for eligible medical expenses.  Eligible medical expenses can be paid with an MBI Benefits debit card.  This card is programmed with the employee's annual health care contribution, making payment for eligible expenses easy and immediate.  


Associates, managers and other exempt staff are generally entitled to 2 to 4 weeks per year, dependent upon their years of service.

Sick Leave
Associates, managers and other exempt staff may take up to 15 days per calendar year.

401(k) Plan
Employees can enroll in our 401(k) Plan on the first day of the month immediately following their hire date.  Through automatic payroll deductions (deferral contributions), participants can set aside pre-tax dollars to save for their retirement. As an additional benefit to our employees, each plan year, Lionel Sawyer & Collins may make a 3% fixed  contribution to your account on your behalf. You do not have to defer any of your compensation under the plan to receive the employer contribution. Your deferral contributions and the employer fixed 3%  contributions are fully vested.


Paid Jury Duty
Paid Military Leave

The benefits information provided above is in summary format and is not intended to replace the summary plan descriptions or certificates of coverage. If any information conflicts with the detailed plan documents, the plan documents are the authority. Lionel Sawyer & Collins reserves the sole right to modify, revoke, suspend, terminate or change any or all of the benefits information outlined at any time and without notice.